Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The Dr's realized that my mom lost more blood than originally thought, so they gave her another transfusion today. The don't think she is bleeding internally anymore, so that is good. They expect her to be able to come home tomorrow! Yesss!

*Today (1/8/09), I was able to bring my mom home :) So happy! She is super tired, but doing well. She still had a fever this morning, so after some more antibiotics, she was allowed to leave. :) I will be leaving her with some gluten free recipes (for when she is able to stand long enough to cook), and, if she can be diligent in maintaining the diet, we might be able to find out if it increases her iron absorption as well as aiding in her digestion. I am excited to see what happens :)


Olivia said...

That is SO great! Isn't modern medicince such a blessing? I'm glad to hear she might get to go home soon---staying in the hospital is not fun!

Emilia said...

I'm glad to hear your mom is home and I hope she will soon make a full recovery!

Maybe looking into dairy too might increase her hb? I get anemic if I eat too much dairy because for some people it inhibits the absorption of iron.

GFE-gluten free easily said...

So glad you were able to bring your mom home, Tiffany! Hope she is doing better each day. I know she really appreciates your love and support. As one who's worked with my own mom re: the GF diet and her health, I can relate to your experience. One of the most helpful things you can do when introducing someone to the GF diet is finding meals or side dishes that they've always made or enjoyed that are naturally gluten free. If your mom always loved barbecued chicken with a baked potato or mashed potatoes, that could easily be a GF meal (or as I like to say, GFE). Most mainstream barbecue sauces are GF, baked potatoes are GF, and mashed potatoes are GF when no flour is added or a gluten-containing chicken broth is used. Even if she has a favorite rotisserie chicken and potato salad in the deli section of her grocery store ... finding out that is already GF can just be such a blessing to someone making the transition to GF. I am sure you have already shared that type of info with your mom, too.

So many folks have their anemia-type issues disappear after going GF. It does usually take some time though. The digestion issues go away pretty quickly though. All the best to your mom! Please keep us posted.

P.S. Thanks again for posting on my blog and linking to me. I've now done the same. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just ran across your blog today, so I'm not sure if this has been posted before. You mentioned your mom lives in Utah? There is a wonderful store in the Taylorsville area that is nothing but gluten-free items. I load up when I visit my family in Utah, because my daughter has Celiacs. The name of the store is Against the Grain. Hope this helps.

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