Monday, September 1, 2008

Arepa BBQ Sandwich

During the summertime, my craving for BBQ sandwiches increases. This is my first summer eating gluten free, so it has been an adventure trying to convert all of my favorite recipes. I knew what I wanted, but was not feeling up to making sandwich buns. Enter the Arepa. This little puff of corn goodness is so easy to make, and is more than satisfactory in place of a bun. I used the same technique to make the Arepas that Shauna taught us, so I will not re-post a recipe for that, since she has done such a good job on it. The only change I made was instead of cooking them on a skillet or flat top first and then baking them in the oven, I just lightly oiled the outsides and popped them straight into the oven on a baking sheet. Super simple. I baked them for maybe 20 minutes...pretty much the time it took me to cook up the BBQ pork.
Arepa BBQ Sandwich

Technique for Arepas HERE

For the BBQ pork, I just took a pound or so of cubed pork and cooked it up with some sauteed onions, and added my favorite GF bottled BBQ sauce along with some salt, pepper and garlic powder for some extra spice. So easy! I then split the arepas with a thin knife and piled on the pork!! MMM, so tasty!


Elle said...

I've always wanted to make arepas! they look delicious!

Tom Aarons said...

This looks simple and delicious. And I love the colors in the photo! :)

Tiffany said...

Elle, they are so stinkin' easy! You should really give them a try!

Thanks, Tom- it's nice to see you! I like using my blue plates for pictures, it is a nice contrast to the other colors :) Hope to see you again soon!

Emilia said...

Those arepas look and sound so good.
It's a shame that I can't have that much corn.
Then again I go a bit crazy with baked goods like this, so maybe it is for the better :)

The blue does bring out the color of food nicely, I bought one blue plate similar to yours not so long ago and everything looks so vibrant on it.

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Thanks for writing about arepas - I am so going to make these!

peterbronski said...

Arepas are fantastic! I've also found that leftover arepas, after pulsing them in a food processor, make great GF bread crumbs (think meatballs or meatloaf).

Cheers, Pete

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